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It's All About Impact

Green Transparency was founded in 2018, first and foremost, with an idea to bring significant enhancements to strategies for the environment for public and non-profit partners. Realising the wonderful synergies it was also creating for other partners, Green Transparency decided to expand its co-creation of strategies to others who thrive on generating positive social and/or environmental impact. Today, Green Transparency also works with grassroots communities, academia as well as the TV and film industry.

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Conference on Transnational Criminal Law in the Americas, Windsor, ON, Canada

Founder & Director

With a background both in international business and international law, Malaysian-born, Shirleen Chin, has always been a change-maker. Her deep understanding of the social and environmental challenges and opportunities that the world faces led her on a journey to uncover fair, practical and time-bound solutions. Under Shirleen's leadership, Green Transparency is becoming known as an impact-driven partner any organisations working in the social or environmental field needs. Shirleen is committed to building Green Transparency up to be the boutique consultancy that makes a positive impact on the world, and is an inspiration to visionaries and change-makers everywhere.


Green Transparency has worked with a long list of partners, including:
Foundation Earth (USA), Institute for Environmental Security (Netherlands), Anne Frank House (Netherlands), Stop Ecocide (Global), Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime (Austria), Climate Emergency Institute (Canada), Saving Tuvalu (Tuvalu), Regeneration 2030 (Åland Islands), Center for Uniter Nations Constitutional Research (Belgium), Normandy Chair for Peace (France), Kreisau Initiatief (Germany), Extinction Rebellion (Global), Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (Germany), World Youth for Climate Justice (Netherlands), Institute for Security Governance (USA), and many more 
George Washington University (USA), Penn State University (USA), Harvard University (USA), OP Jindal Global University (India), National Cheng-Chi University (Taiwan), Sciences Po Rennes (France), University of California Los Angeles (USA), International School of The Hague (Netherlands) and many more
Vanuatu, Tuvalu, the European Union 
The Borneo Case, Piripkura, The People vs Agent Orange, Holding Up the Sky, The Territory

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